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Practise Essentials

There is nothing worse than starting your practise session then realising you’ve forgotten something vital… Here’s a practise checklist before you start.

  • Instrument – sounds obvious but it’s good to check. I’ve left the house once or twice only to run back for my violin!

  • Sturdy music stand – again just another basic essential. Even if you know your music from memory it’s good to have a stand around just in case you need to do some post-playing analyse. It’s always good to have your score handy! Also, make sure your stand is sturdy as there is nothing more annoying than a stand that doesn’t stand up well or support your music properly.

  • Pencil case – Having a pencil and eraser are always good to have for any new markings.

  • Notebook – It’s always good to write down any thoughts and facts before forgetting. You have may also have questions that you may want to ask your teacher or a colleague

  • Mirror – A mirror is a great way to check posture, gestures, bow directions etc. An added bonus is that when you've achieved something, you can admire yourself too!

  • Clock, Metronome, Tuner and recorder a.k.a. mobile phone – Thanks to technology, you can use your phone in various ways to aid your practice. Using the clock on your phone is essential for keeping to your practice schedule and not spending too much time on one thing. There are great apps out there for metronome and tuners and for audio recording your practice. Just try not to get distracted on your phone after you’ve used these utilities!

  • Drink and a small snack - It’s vital to feed your brain, after all, that’s what helps you to play and improve. Try and keep hydrated with a bottle of water and a small snack for energy, particularly if you’re doing intense practice sessions.

Things to consider: If possible, you may want to consider the location of your practice room. Sometimes, we do not have too much choice but try to make the best of your circumstances.

Is the lighting of the room adequate, will the high temperature or lack of air conditioning affect your instrument? Are the acoustics of the room too dry or too boomy, will that affect your practice? Are the surroundings of your practice room private enough and will you be able to focus?

What are your practice room essentials? Let me know in the comments

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