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Mahaliah is focused on a career as an educator and advocate for music for social change, social justice in music education and arts and culture. In 2017, her work in this domain was recognised by the Association of Jamaican Nationals who awarded her with the Be Inspired Youth Award.

She currently works at Cranleigh School as teacher of music and cultural development in addition to teaching violin for Music Masters in London. Her work and interests are focused on cultural values, diversifying repertoire and teaching practices and developing dialogic relationships in music education. 

Mahaliah is also a relationship manager and ambassador for Black Lives in Music and she regularly provides consultancy services and CPD to music teachers through hubs, providers and to individuals.

Mahaliah enjoys having a voice in industry governance, being a trustee for Awards for Young Musicians and also sitting on the board for the Independent Society of Musicians. 

Mahaliah is committed to education and engagement in the arts for all. She is a member of Music Mark, Musical Futures, the Music Teachers' Association and the Independent Society of Musicians. She has also been featured in Music Teachers Magazine, the Strad, The Voice, and the ISM Journal. 

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